Our story begins in 2010 when our founder created the world’s longest running computer program that allowed him to be familiar with the operation of software and digital platforms. Over the next few years, our founder has tinkled with some stuffs and created few inventions that protects our environment.

As he brainstormed with thousands of creative minds through his social innovation movement 'Lets Innovate youth’, he realised the need for a socially responsible network. His stay at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the official house of President of India as India's first innovation scholar, gave a greater insight of our nation’s democratic system that ultimately changed the way of Altruu’s creation. Altruu’s journey solidifies in 2015 as a dream for a more transparent and effective social networking experience.

Altruu is created with Indian
at both heart and minds

Working with his personal computer, he brought a track-free social network with privacy and knowledge as its core into existence. He named the social network, Altruu. The name is derived from the word ‘Altruism’ that stands with Tenith’s ideology to empower people for the betterment of our planet and humanity.

As Altruu is build, he formed a team of young minds who shares his passion to serve both his nation and the world. The team entirely consist of students, surprisingly more young innovators than software engineers. In the same year, Altruu expanded rapidly with few personal computers, cloud workstation, countless cup of tea and lot of late night conversations. In the very first day, Altruu crossed the registered users mark set by the team, having hundreds of users from 6 countries.

Soon after few days of the launch, Altruu is completely transformed into a versatile discovery engine and social network. Thus becoming the world’s first discovery engine.

Our journey utilizes information to contribute humanity

The vision to change the way people consume information and knowledge inspired us to begin this journey. Altruu discovers and connects millions of discoverable information to more than 50 countries every day. For almost a year our Artificial Intelligence Operating System, ADI AI was the only full-timer, he is still with us today acting as our unmanned privacy guardian. The scale of Altruu knowledge ecosystem exceeded 1 million in 2019. Altruu have accumulated more than 3 million knowledge content, building India’s largest indigenous knowledge networking ecosystem.