Social Guidelines

We want Altruu to be a global platform where people will have a feeling of safety, connectivity and authenticity about the information they receive. In order to make people feel so and provide them the best possible experience, Altruu has set certain guidelines which will be applicable for anyone accessing and using Altruu.

Here are the important guidelines for using Altruu.

Creating and Maintaining Account

Sharing Content

Adult Content

Threats and Violence

Illegal acts

Privacy Invasion

Harassment & Bullying


All individuals or groups accessing the services of Altruu must adhere to the guidelines set forth by Altruu. Failure to do so will lead Altruu to remove or modify the contents uploaded by you, limit your access to the services, permanently suspend your account or other legal actions if necessary.

Help Us Keep the Community Strong

We require the cooperation of every Altruu user to keep our services safe and ensure users their safety and privacy. You should not involve in activities that violates the policies of Altruu. If you see anything in our services that violates our guidelines, please report to Altruu. If you come across contents that you are not comfortable with, but doesn’t violate our guidelines, then try to avoid such contents and pages by unfollowing the person, page or group posting it. Users of Altruu can always report any violation of their rights, privacy and safety and Altruu assures appropriate actions as soon as possible. Altruu always tries to provide the best possible user experience. It requires the cooperation from the side of users too. So please help us make our services better by using them the way it is meant to be.