Press FAQ

Can we utilize this website as a credible source of information on Altruu social network?

Yes, is the official enterprise website for Altruu social network ( Entire details, statistics and information stated in this website is provided directly by the public relations team of Altruu as a credible source of information.

Are we free to publish articles about Altruu social network?

Yes, members of the media and independent journalists are free to publish articles and are respectfully requested to use this official website as a credible source of information on Altruu social network for any publications on their respective media outlets.

Can we use Altruu brand logo for our publications?

Altruu allows utilization of brand images and logos as long as it follows the requirement set forth in our brand guidelines. Please do not modify, add effects or distort our logo. Our logo should always have ™ mark to represent our trademarking.

Can we use any graphical or visual resources provided in this official website?

As long as the published article contains the right attribution towards Altruu social network, any graphical resources are free to be utilized.

How can we request exclusive media resources from Altruu social network?

Media resources that are publicly provided by Altruu, are attached in our media library section. The exclusivity of the media resources are kept intact. Once a media outlet utilizes a resource inside the media library, Altruu replaces that particular resource by an unpublished, exclusive one. Hence, the media library is kept exclusive.

In addition to our media library, if a media publication needs any more exclusive media resources, feel welcomed to contact our media relations team using our press contact section. The resources will be made available to you at our best response.

How can we request or schedule exclusive interview?

You can schedule an exclusive interview by contacting our media relations team through press contact section. The interview schedule queries are handled within 48 hours. Please send us a request at early as possible to provide our best.