While using Altruu on various platforms and devices, our services may require few permissions to operate seamlessly. Altruu as a platform is designed to protect and provide you absolute control over your data. In order to use Altruu experience, you’ll need to provide certain permissions on the devices that you access. The permissions are minimalized and engineered to secure your personal information and reduce data spilling, thus users grant permissions to Altruu that are essential and are required to carry out Altruu services.

Altruu is transparent about accessing and processing private data thus strives to reduce it to bare minimum. The permissions are generalized, categorized and named variously according to the devices and platforms. Altruu does not employ the permissions in the way they are named and generalized. The way that permissions are named doesn’t express the way it may be utilized by Altruu in platforms and devices. The permissions may vary according to the operations and experiences utilized while accessing Altruu services.

The permissions will be requested and notified in real time while performing essential operations. The list of permissions can be easily accessed in web platforms using permissions area, mobile applications using application manager and by exploring the permissions in detail on official websites and

Mobile Devices


Allows Altruu to know about current cellular network information, ongoing call status and let you call your friend



Allows Altruu to read and write to your internal or external storage


Web Devices

Allow notification

Allows Altruu to send or show notification in realtime


Access System Storage

Allows Altruu to access system storage for either download or to upload (media, photos and files)