our culture

Smart work

In Altruu, we focus on innovation and solutions, which means we keep the bar high and are always pushing ourselves towards a higher level. We believe to achieve the elevated level of our goal, hard word combined with right amount of smartness is the key.


In Altruu, we strive to deliver excellence by doing the right thing because the journey is what everything is about, not just the result. We believe to do the right thing we always hold ourselves accountable and to act responsible for the greater good.


In Altruu, we humble ourselves to create and change our planet for the better, thus openness is the core part of that process. We believe to always act from multiple perspective when making critical decisions and are open to more difficult challenge every day.

Visionary Team

In Altruu, we build of people who are inspired and share Altruistic vision to advance humanity using technology. We believe on better, not bigger thus we push ourselves to increase our quality and efficiency on becoming the elite while supporting each other and having fun.


In Altruu, we take challenges that makes our heart beat fast, that’s how we measure our effort, failure is not an option when we have a creative mind set. We believe seeing the unseen, taking a whole new path, understanding our playing field makes us to stay ahead in a volatile environment.