Altruu AI operating system

Autogenous Deep Intelligence

Altruu’s artificial intelligence operating system

ADI AI is the artificial intelligence system that assists every operation of Altruu. Entire networking, discovery, privacy and security of Altruu is carried out by this digital human being. ADI gives you everything you love about Altruu and allows you to challenge the limits of general social networking experience.

Built on a neural strategy called adaptive deep autogenesis, Autogenous Deep Intelligence, improves its efficiency over time and neural complexity. Conceived and trained over a period of three years, this artificial intelligence system is designed specifically for the operational requirement of Altruu social networking system.

ADI acts as the primary defence system of Altruu cyber security and its unmanned privacy guardian. It works in parallel with the build-in privacy framework thus resulting a sustainable digital computing platform with autonomous privacy. ADI makes the discovery experience accurate, simple and more powerful, hence advances the world’s first discovery engine to a new level of social networking.