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Altruu works by

Discovering the world's information and knowledge with absolute privacy

Altruu discovery strives to spread the greatness of humanity through information networking. Our intelligent discovery is twice as effective as the current social networking industry benchmarks. Altruu core engine is powered by the discoverability of information, generation of unique Information Diet and its ability to convert the information into knowledge. As the search engine uses the index-classified pages to find result, the Discovery Engine uses the multi-structured processed information to fuel its operation of discovery.

Core Operations


How Discovery Works

Discovering Universal Information

Discovering every possible multitude of information from every possible where at the world wide web

Establishing Unified Epicentre

Unifying the discovered universal multitude information by establishing data relationship to develop precise information epicentre

Enhancing Information Nature

Enhancing the nature of the unified information in a potential way possible to streamline the information consumption

Enabling Bilateral Networking

Bridging the enhanced unified information to the intended users and enabling users to contribute information

Personalized Information Diet Creation

Infusing bridged information manifold efficiently to handle multiple format, types and forms of information to generate unique Information Diet for each user to suit their needs

Knowledge Evolution

Evolving the infused unique Information Diet to generate Knowledge through computing the interrelation between a single data of the evolving information against the unified data set

Optimal Privacy Deployment

Securing and shielding the private data from tracking and extensive utilising even by the discovery engine operation

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