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fostering mind with knowledge.
develop critical thinking abilities.

Education is all about fostering mind with knowledge, satisfying one’s curiosity and to develop critical thinking abilities.

Our platform modelling

Our networking is designed to give a taste at some of the remarkable things educators are doing around the world. We, at Altruu strive to be a platform of comprehensive learning environment with absolute freedom of expression.

Our Education based CodeX

At present, Altruu’s education based CodeX acts as the one-stop portal for various levels of students to access education in remote places. Powering the best discovery technology, optimised for up-to-date education information and resources to provide personalised learning experience for every student of diverse academic backgrounds, spark curiosity among the young minds.

Primary responsibility

Unified Information Portal

The rapidity of change today allowed the explosion of information in an exponential scale that demands a unified information portal. Encourage everyone to learn new things every day by diversifying our discovery operation into uncharted territories on every possible educational areas is our key strategy on our educational responsibility.




Consume Curiosity

To facilitate every one acquire information and gain knowledge in daily social experience, we created specific feed algorithm that uncover information required for each students what ever their curiosity might be focused on.

Heart of Learning

Altruu explores new solutions to nurture creativity into the heart of learning. We bring the needs of students closer ever day to close the gap between traditional educational activities and creative learning.

We work to bring

Fun for students
Support for educators
Inspiration for parents
Resource for academic scholars

We work together to help educators, scholars, parents and students each second

Discover what great things are happening inside education around the world using Altruu

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