Global Explorer

Altruu Open Explorer grants access to the internal search for the non-logged people to explore Altruusers, pages, gangs and codex acts as an open access network.

Altruu Profile

Altruu brings you a digital customizable profile as everyone in the globe deserves a personal space with privacy. You have space for everything you need to add on in your digital profile.

Altruu Messaging

Altruu Messages offer end-to-end encryption to the people who connect with the social sphere, making the communication more secure.

Altruu Easy Accessibility

Altruu Easy Accessibility offers access to the essential services of Altruu and it is completely customizable, so that people can access their favourite services from anywhere.

Altruu Pages

Altruu Pages are the space for private and public people to connect with others, where you can publish everything you love and you can start discovering information by following pages of other people too!

Altruu Events

Altruu Events are the digital chart for all of your occasions that happens around the world with clear-cut timing information. Everyone can create events in Altruu and let the whole world know.

Altruu Public Gangs

Altruu Public Gangs are the community of people that allow open networking with minimized hate rhetoric and share everything they express globally.

Altruu Private Gangs

Altruu Private Gangs are the community of people that allow closed networking with a safe digital environment and your information never goes publicly.

Global Feed

Altruu Global Feed made it simple to experience the whole planet every day in one click. When you switch global feed, the feed algorithm will switch the feed to discover streams of information around the globe.

Buddy Feed

Altruu Buddy Feed personalizes your feed surfing experience at ease when you are much into your surroundings. You can switch buddy feed to explore your private newsfeed and the information that you pooled.

Altruu Blackout Privacy Mode

Altruu Blackout privacy mode allows your buddies to access your private information and lets your buddies to view your altruuline.

Shadow Blackout Privacy Mode

Shadow Blackout Privacy Mode enables you to restrict people who visit your digital profile from viewing your personal information just leaving your digital cover alone.

Ghost Blackout Privacy Mode

Altruu values your personal space and that is how Ghost Blackout Privacy Mode is shaped, offering absolute privacy to you. Ghost Blackout Privacy is engineered to secure your freedom and digital autonomy with hardwired protector.

Altruu Albums

Altruu Albums are the digital collection of your moments that you share with your loved ones. With Altruu Albums, you can add infinite portraits and freeze your instants instantly.

Altruu Like

Altruu Like gives you a way beyond approach of showing your love by conveying your true expressions to the world. Express your thoughts on the go without any hurdles.

Altruu Comment

Altruu comment box allows you to give your valuable comments when you come across the streams of information. You can comment on all kinds of the posts in Altruu in any language of your preference. You can reply directly to a specific comment which makes easier to follow the conversation.

Altruu Share

Altruu Share enables you to share whatever you like with your buddies and family members right from there. You can share directly within Altruu or cross-share to other social platforms too.

Altruu Saved Posts

Altruu Saved Posts keep all of your favourite saved posts for you to access them at ease when you like to see it again.

Altruu Vault

Altruu Vault is a specially designed multi-layered wallet for Altruu fellows to keep track of their digital credit transactions to let them check again whenever and wherever necessary.

Altruu Transfer Credits

Altruu Transfer Credits enables you to share your kindness by transferring your hard-earned credits to people you love with the highly encrypted credit transferring system.

Altruu Earn Credits

Altruu Earn Credits helps you in every possible way to earn virtually generated currency as credits based on your routine activities in Altruu.

Altruu Spend Credits

Altruu Spend Credits is the all new digital social shop presented to people around the planet to do social services by making use of your hard-earned credits.

Altruu User Digital Space Customization

Altruu User Digital Space Customization (UDSC) brings you a personal touch to your profile. You can change whatever and wherever you feel like packed in your profile. If you don’t want your profile picture in your profile, just remove it!

Altruu Workstation Interface Customization

Altruu Workstation Interface Customization (AWIC) lets you add custom features to your homepage as per your convenience and you can remove everything you feel unusual. Let’s say, if you use the widget area rarely, remove it from your homepage.

Altruu User Experience and Accessibility Customization

Altruu User Experience and Accessibility Customization (UEAC) allows you to access your favorite menus at ease. If you are much into checking your credits, you can set it in your UEAC.

Altruu User Design Module Customization

Altruu User Design Module Customization (UDMC) offers you to have a lovable interaction with what you are watching. You can alter your digital background of your choice with the UDMC.

Altruu User Master Access Customization

Altruu User Master Access Customization (UMAC) permits the users to customize the default header menus like home, messages to the menus that you use frequently.

Discovery ID

Altruu Discovery ID is the encrypted identity generated by the Altruu Discovery Engine which allows you to access Altruu services in a click without any of your private information.

Flat ID

Altruu Flat ID secures your digital identity by resetting your private data and shapes your digital cover to protect your online presence from outsiders.

Neural ID

Altruu Neural ID revamps your identity deeply by deploying a minimal version of you while doing your favourite actions online. You can acquire an extraordinary privacy level by using Neural ID which resets your entire identity and adds a new cover for your virtual existence.

Altruu Publisher box

Altruu Publisher Box allows users to virtually modify the way of publishing contents online by offering to publish contents in 13 formats of information.

Altruu Instance

Altruu instance provides individuals to express the important moments to the close people much faster and secure.

Altruu Global Buddy Networking

Altruu Global Buddy Networking allows to explore and connect with the best people around the world safely.

Altruu Greetings box

Altruu Greetings box welcomes people every time they log into Altruu services at any time without knowing any of the private information.

Altruu Private Chat

Altruu Private Chat brings a new interface to interact with people by allowing users to do conversations while discovering information.

Altruu Centralized Notification

Altruu Centralized Notification lets user to have notifications from all services of Altruu in a single place securely.

Altruu Gang Chat

Altruu Gang Chat makes the communication between the close people easier and much faster with utmost privacy.


Altruuline is the space where people can discover streams of information around the globe along with the information from people they follow.

Altruu Chat Status

Altruu Chat Status authorizes to modify the virtual presence to either online or offline, protecting people from the online offensive actions.

Altruu Master Access Options

Altruu Master Access Options provides the access to the favourite Altruu services that can be customized of any choice.

Altruu Master Controls

Altruu Master Controls grants centralized access to change and customize settings for all services provided to the Altruu account.

Altruu Universal Search Filter

Altruu Universal Search Filter displays extended search results to the people from all the users, pages, gangs and codex in Altruu.

Altruu Verified Trusty

Altruu Verified Trusty permits people to give their trusty reaction while discovering information diet around the world.

Altruu Verified Fake

Altruu Verified Fake allows individuals to do a fake reaction on the information streamline, alerting other people to be cautious.

Altruu Message Wash-Out

Altruu Message Wash-Out gives the ability to the people to delete communications entirely and instantly from the network.

Altruu Search Wash-Out

Altruu Search Wash-Out removes the entire search activities from the digital profile immediately, thus protecting the privacy.

Altruu Categorized Feed

Altruu gives a custom-made feed to the people who are interested to discover information on their own interest, offering information diet in 17 various sectors.

Altruu Personality Feed

Altruu brings people an innovative way of consuming the global information with their own personality nature that fits perfectly, allowing to explore information on 16 different personality suits.

Altruu Celebrity Feed

Altruu Celebrity Feed provides feed instantly that belongs to the information consumption habit of the selected celebrity and also letting users to pick various legendary people in diverse fields.

Altruu Verified Account

Altruu Verified Account is a virtual account that is verified and authenticated by Altruu, having the benefit of high score in all services of Altruu.

Altruu Score Classification

Altruu has an excellent score classification system which identifies and grades content which you discover every day. Altruu score classification system evaluates, scores and marks information by green which are recommended for user consumption and red which are not recommended for user consumption.

Altruu Profile Completion Bar

Altruu profile completion bar lets you know exactly how much information you have added to your profile. You can check your completion status in real time out of a hundred which alerts you in your busy calendar to complete your profile.

Altruu Gang Join Requests

Altruu Gang Join Requests is the one stop place to manage the joining requests that are sent from other people.

Altruu Invite Buddies

Altruu Invite Buddies presents an astonishing invitation to welcome the people in closed circle to experience Altruu Services.

Altruu Social Links

Altruu Social Links provides the capability to tag other social profiles from multiple social platforms that makes Altruu a centralized platform to connect with people.

Altruu External Link Embed

Altruu External Link Embed allows to share a hyperlink without the need of writing it again while working with hyperlinks.

Altruu Blood Group Option

Altruu Blood Group Option connects people with their social network, ultimately creates an opportunity to do social services.

Altruu Passcode Changing

Altruu Passcode Changing permits to change the passcode of Altruu account easily without any limitations, allowing to enjoy Altruu services securely.

Altruu Banned Users

Altruu Banned Users offer the ability to shield from unknown people or people who are involved in any online offences, by banning and restricting their communication entirely.

Altruu Verification

Altruu Verification system lets anyone who experiences Altruu to verify their account simply, by submitting their evidence of identity and photograph. Fully verified people get higher grading and score from Altruu.

Altruu Event Controls

Altruu Event Controls offer to modify any event with detailed event description, time, date and geographic information to the globe.

Altruu Page Controls

Altruu Page Controls is the one place for all the page actions that need to be done, providing 7 principal adjustments.

Altruu Page Information Controls

Altruu Page Information Controls gives the authority over the digital information provided in the page to connect with social circle.

Altruu Page Admin Controls

Altruu Page Admin Controls allows people to add or remove administrators to the pages, so that maintaining the page becomes easier with the people network.

Altruu Gang Controls

Altruu Gang Controls give the ability to transform any gang around 6 ways, including the gang members’ area.

Altruu Gang Members Controls

Altruu Gang Members Controls grant the right to add or remove participants from the gang and they can make any people as administrator.

Altruu Shortcut Control

Altruu Shortcut Control helps people to move back to the top of the page while discovering information.

Altruu Codex Controls

Altruu Codex Controls help to organize the information diet to the best suit, enabling people to consume information much easier.

Altruu Box Command

Altruu Box Command is a dedicated platform to access and maintain the core controls like blackout privacy, fake news filter, customization and centralization.

Altruu Trending Box

Altruu Trending Box showcases what other people are into by keep updating the up-to-the-minute hashtags globally.

Altruu Edit Avatar

Altruu Edit Avatar gives you a new way of changing your public avatar from more than one place. You can do it right from where you are.

Altruu User Design Avatar

Altruu User Design Avatar gives the ability to change the avatar displayed in the Altruu public and private profiles infinitely.

Altruu User Design Cover

Altruu User Design Cover grants the facility of changing the digital cover shown in Altruu public and private profiles.

Altruu Profile Design

Altruu Profile Design is the all new way of changing the regular look of a digital profile that allows to customize the profile background.


Altruu makes logging into your digital space pretty faster just by giving your altruuname and password, so that you can discover your favourite feeds in a blink. Altruu allows you to login into multiple sessions simultaneously from multiple devices across multiple platforms, so you never feel difficult to access your data across everything.

Altruu Logout

Altruu Logout lets people to keep all the private and public data encrypted while logging out of all Altruu Services.

Altruu Global Filter

Altruu Universal Filter comes up with all formats of information to the people while discovering the information diet.

Altruu Text Filter

Altruu Text Filter facilitates the people who are much into text information by filtering the information streamline with text formats only.

Altruu Picture Filter

Altruu Picture Filter enables people to have information with pictures on the feedline if they like to have portrayals.

Altruu Video Filter

Altruu Video Filter gives the information that are in video formats and lets the people to consume information on the go.

Altruu Audio Filter

Altruu Audio Filter separates the auditory information from the streams of information when people activate the audio filter.

Altruu Documents Filter

Altruu Documents Filter authorizes people to separate the information in all document formats by enabling the documents filter.

Altruu Location Filter

Altruu Location Filter is the ultimate way of filtering the geographic information posts from the global feedline.

Altruu Profile Search Filter

Altruu Profile Search Filter assists in searching people in specific like people with personal digital avatar and default altruu picture.

Altruu Offline Search Filter

Altruu Offline Search Filter perfectly screens people who are all offline thus helps in reaching the communication network faster.

Altruu Online Search Filter

Altruu Online Filter allows individuals to find the people exactly who are all online at the moment and makes the search easier.

Altruu Masculine Search Filter

Altruu Masculine Search Filter is the all new advanced lookup filter to find the male people around the globe at ease.

Altruu Feminine Search Filter

Altruu gives people an instant reach to the female individuals whom they are looking for, by enabling the feminine lookup filter while they explore global buddies.

Altruu Text Publishing

Altruu Text Publishing is the all new place for the global people to share what they think, in text formats of information without any limits.

Altruu Emoji Publishing

Altruu Emoji Publishing lets the individuals to show expressions to the information they want by adding emoji of their choice.

Altruu Picture Publishing

Altruu Picture Publishing is an outstanding means of depicting the important moments of people endlessly to the planet.

Altruu Video Publishing

Altruu Video Publishing comes with a custom thumbnail uploading and enhanced controls for the video which makes the information consumption much easier.

Altruu Document Publishing

Altruu Document Publishing supports people to post various document formats of information in the altruuline.

Altruu Audio Publishing

Altruu Audio Publishing allows people to spread what they want to let the world know, in audio formats of information.

Altruu GIF Publishing

Altruu GIF Publishing gives a modern interactive approach of information, allowing people to search instantly across the web and directly embed it into the posts.

Altruu Emotion Publishing

Altruu Emotion Publishing brings a realistic experience of sharing what is in people mind or what they are doing in several ways.

Altruu Location Publishing

Altruu Location Publishing is the one stop destination to share the geographic information securely at an instant.

Altruu People Tagging

Altruu People Tagging enables the ability for people to tag the worldwide people and publish information together.

Altruu Direct YouTube Publishing

Altruu Direct YouTube Publishing empowers people to share any video of their choice directly from other social platforms like YouTube in more than a way.

Altruu Design Publishing

Altruu Design Publishing provides an impressive appearance to the post by modifying the default design and allowing people to change the background in multiple designs.

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