Altruu’s Philosophy

We are grateful for those who dedicated their life for the betterment of human kind, those who made their dream a reality and those who contributed towards a vision.

Altruu is an ideology.

It was crafted to suit the values of Altruism.

Altruu is created and driven with the realities of all such great visionary minds who led human civilisation towards this information age.

Altruu is made with the help of dozes of programming languages, scripts, open source programs, development platforms, tech tools.

Altruu is designed to address the most challenging issues that are faced by human kind.

With the mission to push the human knowledge forward, we work with extraordinary people, ideas, organisations, platforms, tools and are also inspired by such. From all of our teacher who taught us how to see this world, our family who supported all the way and to our competitors who keep us exciting every day.

We remain humble and grateful to those who catalysed us to transform this ideology a reality, the journey of thousands miles and beyond.

⁃ Team Altruu



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