People spend most of their time online discovering new content, it is more than ever discovering occupies the large segment of online traffic. Even so, the discovering is carried out by the help of general search and networking. Hence the need of an efficient platform to carry out discovery is raised.

Altruu, The Discovery Engine is a discovery platform that allows users worldwide to have easy, instant access to a vast and diverse amount of every possible information and every possible service & application. Through interest-driven Internet discovery, users worldwide have easy, instant flow to a vast and diverse amount of online information.

The internet promised to ensure freedom of information and accessibility to information, but the very nature is taken over by the infodemic. The discoverability to the credible and verified information is our far most efficient solution against this greatest threat of the digital world.

Compared to search engines and social networks, the Altruu’s Discovery Engine has enabled the centralisation of information, applications and services on a large scale.

The Discovery Engine has enabled individuals and organisations to publish ideas and information, deploy applications and services to a potentially large audience online who share the same interest at greatly reduced expense and time delay.

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nations around the world use Altruu everyday to discover about the things they care.

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