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Altruu is a
technological enterprise
that builds the
world’s first
discovery engine

Driven by, Altruu strives every day to push the boundaries of human knowledge forward. In order to provide intelligent discovery, we rely only on cutting edge technology and the deep understanding of our users.

Altruu was established in June 2018 in India as a subsidiary of Tenith Innovation Private Limited. Altruu was founded by Tenith Adithyaa, the
India’s first Innovation Scholar
, serial inventor and the founder of 'Lets Innovate youth' social movement. His vision to change the way people consume information and knowledge inspired to build a company that values freedom of information, free speech and power to the people.

Altruu stands as the result of those ideology that makes humanity much stronger which also made India one of the only three countries with
core discovery technology
outside the United States and Russia. "Innovating towards one globe," as its core vision Tenith Innovations has altered the course of social networking at national landscape.

Altruu discovers and connects millions of discoverable information to more than
20 countries
every day. The scale of Altruu knowledge ecosystem exceeded 1 million in 2019. Altruu have accumulated more than
3 million
knowledge content, building India’s largest indigenous knowledge networking ecosystem.

With Altruu as the cornerstone, Tenith Innovations’s technology sector encloses wide range of Information and AI based services in communication, networking, information technology, content deployment, big data, cloud computing and remote access technology.

Altruu believes in innovation as the game changer of nations development and improvement of peoples lives, thus strives to help people around the world create a better life for all human kind.


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